Nuremberg Toy Fair 2013

Well, for me Nuremberg Toy Fair 2013 is already over. For several years now, I attend the show at the first day to get the news first and fast. It is a very busy day, including getting up at 4:30am, leaving 5:30am and the drive to Nuremberg with my car, which is about 250km (155mls) away. When I arrive at around 8:30, I prepare my equipment (Fuji XS-1) and then it already starts. Some of you might wonder why the pictures are sometimes not of the best quality. There are several reasons- first, the lighting conditions are far from excellent. Every booth has different conditions, even within the booth, when the displays are on several levels. Second, many of the exhibts are behind glass, which is extremely difficult to take pictures with all the reflections in the glass of the cabinets. Third, is the time. There are many exhibitioners, long ways (Revell is on one end of the fair, while the others are on the other end), many exhibts to photograph, talking to representatives. So I reduce myself to take only snap-shots for saving time. In this case quantity is first. Wouldn´t make sense to provide you excellent pictures, but less and half of the information gets lost. I plan my day so that my departure is around 3:00pm. Weather conditions in late January are not always the best here in Germany. Yesterday I had severe rainshowers and storm on my way home, which delayed my arrival at home for about one hour. When I caome home, I immediately start resizing the files and then uploading them on the PP server. Don is already waiting for me, to bring them online.
After all this is done, I am really exhausted and usually go to bed, after I posted on the well known forums the info that the pictures are coming.

So, now so ´me information, which you don´t find in the pictures posted…

Airfix-Humbrol: Airfix- Humbrol had a huge booth. All of their new releases were displayed as either test shots or Resin masters. The 1/72 Lancaster will come in several versions with recessed panel lines. Unfortunately, no rivets were on the kits. Their 1/48 Afghanistan series is expanding and the PE sets for the kits are ready for release.
Humbrol set up a channel on Youtube showing how to use their finishing and weathering products.

Academy: They displayed some 3D masters of their coming 1/72 Lightning II. At the time I was attending, they didn´t have any surprise releases displayed.

AFV Club: No own booth. They were represented by their European distributor Astromodel. Some built up samples of the latest kits were shown.

Dragon: Very disappointing… No new announcements. When I came home, I saw the box art for the Sd.Kfz. 234/4 premium edition. I asked a representative, if there were any new announcemnets and I was told, they do not have any for Nuremberg and keep them for the Japan Hobby show in May. The focus was on the new Disney licensed products.

Eduard: The focus was on the new 1/48 Spitfire Mk.IX. Test shots were presented and the decal sheet. Also the box art of the first 2nd generation MiG-21, the PFM was shown.

Emhar HK-Models: By accident I found some announcements of some 1/24 Bedford trucks variants from Emhar. Also displayed on the booth from Pocketbond was a built kit of the HK-Models 1/32 B-17G. You cannot see it very good on the pictures, but the kit has thousands of fine raised rivets!

Hasegawa: No testshots of the futures releases were available. Only posters were displayed of them.

Heller: The new VBCI was displayed as built model. In 2013 there will be new moulds of a 1/72 Tiger and Sherman for the 70th anniversary in the Normandy landings. Heller is based in the Normandy… There will be also a new mould of the 1/72 Alpha Jet. It will contain options for a French and a German version. The Patrouille de France who uses the aircraft has it´s 50th anniversary in 2013. All new moulds including the VBCI are developed by Marc Pradignac. Some of you know him as the responsible for the Tamiya 1/32 Spitire and Mustang and the 1/35 Leclerc.

Hobby Boss: No additional infos available.

Trumpeter: No additional infos available.

IBG: They displayed the first test shots of their new Bedford truck. They are so fresh, that they did not even have a review sample available.

ICM: No additional infos available.

Italeri: Infos on the the release dates for the new kits are not available. As information for the European market is the fact, that Italeri does not distribute Testors Model Master paints any more. They concentrate on their new Italeri Acrylics paint range, including paint sets for certain subjects.

Mini Art: The MB1500A will come out soon. As they already had the 1500S released and the four wheel drive train is already available in the Sd.Kfz. 70, this release was obvious. The surprise which is only shown in the catalogue is the release of the AEC Mk. I:

 Master Box: I received some review samples of their new figure sets. The reviews will be online within the next two weeks. Unfortunately, two of them are only the sprues without box.

Tamiya: Highlight on their booth is the 1/16 IS-2m. This kit is impressive. Lower hull and suspension will be all metal. In 1/35 the new BT-7 variant and the Tiran 5 as variant of the T-55 were shown. They also release some more sets of the Zimmerit stickers. One for their new 1/48 Tiger I late and for the Panther. Especially the Panther set looks excellent and much better than the set for the 1/35 Elefant. The highlight in 1/72 was the new mould Il-2m Sturmovik.

Revell: The displayed Type IXC submarine is a Resin kit for display purposes as is the 1/35 Dingo kit. The Dingo model displayed is a 1/35 Resin sample from KMW, the manufacturer of the original. Both moulds are not finnished yet.

Meng: Three surprise releases, the Russian GAZ-233014 STS ‘Tiger’, the Israeli D9R armoured dozer and a Toyota pick-up with ZSU-23-2 were shown only as box art. No sprues were displayed and no release info given. No mention on the T-90.

That´s it for now. If I recall some more stuff from yesterday´s tour I will post additional info.


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