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Company: Revell

Item #: 03190

Item name: Russian Battle Tank T-90

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The T-90 is the latest version of the T-72 family of tanks. Based on the hull of the T-72, the T-90 features a newly designed turret, a new engine and Kontakt-5 ERA.
Instead of basing the T-90 on the earlier T-72 kit, Revell decided to design a completely new mould for this kit. The parts are done in tan plastic. In my sample there is no flash on any part and a few slight indentions are found on some of the ERA panels of the turret and the panels on the side skirts. Many small parts on the turret have also some slight indentions. Ejector pin marks are only in places where they will be hidden after assembly, except for the track, where some are on the wheel side, but only a few and very shallow.

Construction starts with the lower hull tub, which is done in the traditional manner with lower hull part and side walls. The running gear is well detailed. Swing arms, shock absorbers and the track tensioning unit are moulded on the side parts. The rear wall has the spare tracks moulded on and the lower glacis is one piece with the dozer blade. Road wheels and idlers are made of two parts each with nice bolt and hub detail. The road wheels feature even detail on the inner sides, which will be mostly hidden after assembly, but for a diorama scene this is an excellent gimmick! Revell decided to go an interesting way to manufacture and install the tracks. They provided four equal lengths. For mounting, the lengths need to be bended gently and then heated in HOT not BOILING water to make a proper bend. This has to be executed quite fast, because you have to place it around the sprockets and the idlers while still hot. The first length of each side is done with the complete length, each second length has to be installed, when the first one is installed and secured. Please take care, that there are two different lengths included, marked as D17 and D17A. Both sides need one length of each, do not mix them up!
The upper hull is one single part, only the glacis ERA armour, exhaust and ventilator intake with moulded on fuel drum carriers have to be attached. The side skirts are also one piece each, with the three big ERA panels on each side as separate parts. Detail is extremely sharp on all of the hull parts and the rubber imitation on the skirts is sufficient for this scale. Driver´s hatch is a separate piece, as are the small tow kooks, which feature the typical hole, not common in this scale. The guards for the headlights are extremely fine and they have to be removed very carefully from the sprue. The position marker lights are only featured as some raised detail on the hull. Frankly speaking spoken they are too small to be replicated in this scale. Finally two fuel drums with included plumbing (!), wooden beam for self recovery and two tows are included as additional details for the hull.

The turret is split in the conventional manner with upper and lower part. The barrel itself is one piece, with separate muzzle. The gun itself is mounted to the turret by the separate gun breech canvas cover. The many mounted on devices are mostly separate parts, like Laser warning receivers, ERA blocks and other optical sights. The IR Shtora-1 lights are built up from several parts each. The cooling ribs are very shallow and the lens faces have small indentions. The turret stowage boxes are constructed from two main pieces each, with additional parts for the command version T-90K. The smoke discharger bundles featuring six launchers on each side are constructed by three parts each for better detail. Most ERA blocks on the turret are combined in one piece for easier assembly. For the Indian T-90S which does not use the Shtora-1 lights are additional ERA plates for the turret front provided.
The commander´s station not only has a separate hatch, but a very well detailed anti- AA MG and the search light for the Indian is also included. Eight parts are needed for it (nine when counting the search light). The hatch is separate and can be positioned opened or closed. The same goes for the gunner´s hatch, but on this part the only sink hole on the complete kit is found on the outside. Both hatches have nice detail on the inside, which is an advantage, when mounted open.

Three marking options offered in each kit. Decals are printed by Cartograf and all decals are in register. Provided options are:

1. T-90, Russian Armed Forces 2005
2. T-90K, Russian Armed Forces 2011
3. T-90S, Indian Armed Forces 2004

Many thanks to Revell for the review sample.

Review by Thomas Voigt for Primeportal
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